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Determined. Intelligent. Virtuous. Ambitious.
Girls to Young 

Divas Build Futures Inc, (DBF) a 501c-3 organization founded with the mission to support girls in overcoming social barriers such as mental health, grief and self-esteem.

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Empower & Educate girls to achieve their life goals through all adversities by equipping them with the essential resources in mental health, productive living & education.


DBF Sisterhood Creed

Social Female Groups of all ages

Invested in the cares & concerns of one another.

Safe communication when the struggle gets tough

Together in joy, laughter and tears.

Ever-growing and supporting one another’s dreams.


Holds one another accountable.

Open hearted with others feelings and emotions.


Dedicated and defends each other for the greater good of all…

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Learn how you can support
Divas Build Futures Inc. 
and help make an impact to our youth

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

- Audrey Hepburn


HER Homes is a transitional housing program by Divas Build Futures Inc. 

DBF is opening doors of opportunity for young women ages

17-25 by providing safe, stable and structured housing. Aiding girls that have timed out of foster care with guidance and mentoring on how to lead and live a productive life. Young women who need redirection with transitioning into womanhood. Girls and young women who have faced challenges due to mental health and have faced homelessness.  

HER Homes will provide a well balanced structured program that will focus on areas such as: 

  • Spirituality

  • Budgeting 

  • Mental Heath 

  • Confidence & Self Esteem

  • Education

  • Emplyoment

  • Leadership

  • Community Engagement

  • Home Economics

  • Womens History  

Her Homes will provide temporary housing up to 24-26 months. Housing 4-6 girls/young women per house. Girls will be separated by age.

HER Young women Ages: 17-21

HER Women Ages: 22-25

There is a special curriculum that caters to each age group that would help structure and lead a productive lifestyle once exiting the program. Everyone will work on their own pace by completing goals and earring stars towards incentives with the support of a leader lifestyle coachWe will become apart of their village and a forever resource to aid them through life. Offering in house mentoring and professional services with obtaining bank accounts, helping build better relationships, budgeting, managing their mental health, hygiene and employment. In-house Vital resources: 

  • Counseling & therapy 

  • Grief therapy  

  • Addiction therapy

  • Mental health counseling

  • Transportation    

We strive to empower our girls with the ability to believe in themselves by providing the tools, support, and motivation necessary to instill these beliefs for life.

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Her Homes Intro

"As women and young girls we have to invest that time in understanding who we are and liking who we are" 
- Michelle Obama

Her Story

Divas Build Futures Inc.was founded October14, 2014 in Victorville California by Ms.Asha Scott.

Beginning the program with just 3 girls, Ms. Scott began mentoring on confidence, self-esteem & etiquette out of her apartment. As a single mother she began to walk in her purpose by helping girls locally with self esteem, clothing and mentoring. Helping girls & young ladies with needs such as hygiene items and connecting them with community resources.

Grabbing the attention of more young ladies in the community, she was often seen taking daily trips to the library with girls supporting them with researching college and career options. Being a mother figure for girls seeking guidance showing compassion and understanding to them when needed. 

In October of 2014, Ms. Scott was bless to incorporate Divas Build Futures Inc as a Nonprofit organization. It began as a safe space for mentoring, and empowerment for girls. She was awarded the volunteer of the year by the CITY of Voctorville when recognized by a community librarian of her work in the community

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Learn how you can support
Divas Build Futures Inc.
and help make an impact to our youth

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