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Our Alma Mata

I am here to try, thrive, and conquer. I am here to improve and change in order to become the best me. I am here to listen and be open minded.  I am here to forgive and be understanding. I am here to grow and exemplify a heart of service. I am a sister, friend and lady of courage. I am here to become a Diva. D is for Determined. I is for Intelligent V is for Virtuous A is for Ambitious. A Diva girl/woman indeed.

Divas Build Futures Inc is a non-profit 501c3 organization geared towards the uprising in girls fighting with depression and mental heath. DBF is a safe and confidential space for girls to be themselves and build long lasting, positive relationships. 

Servicing Collin County and surrounding DFW areas. We provide a wide variety of encouraging activities, workshops and programs girls can use throughout their everyday lifestyle and mental health challenge’s.

We teach them the importance of becoming productive girls maturing into women in our society through mentoring, relationship building, etiquette and home economics always implementing charm, class & character.

We believe strongly in the "act of service" by implementing volunteering and community engagement in our program. We teach our girls to be leaders and taking responsibility for their actions. DBF provides opportunities in shadowing business professionals as well as mentoring in entrepreneurship.

Our girls become positive impacts in our communities.


DBF community service & volunteering programs enables young girls to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need.

Our intention with DIVA is to make a difference in how society and the world perceive the word "Diva" by displaying our meaning, which is to be: Determined, Intelligent, Virtuous, Ambitious young girls to young women.

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Our Story

Our Story is HerStory

Divas Build Futures Inc. was founded October 14, 2014 in Victorville California by Ms. Asha Scott. Starting with just 3 girls, Ms.Scott began mentoring on confidence, self-esteem & etiquette out of her 2 bedroom apartment. Helping young ladies with needs such as hygiene items and clothing also connecting them with community resources. Slowly grabbing the attention of other young ladies in the community, Ms Asha was often seen taking daily trips to the library being a support system in researching career options from trade programs to universities.

In November of 2014, Ms. Scott  was proud to present DBF to the public for the 1st time at the "Victorville Fall Festival" as a nonprofit empowerment group for girls. Continuing to mentor girls through her own adversities, she began partnering with local schools and youth groups to expand and mentor more girls in the community.

In October of 2015 DBF had its 1st community event "Hoops for breast cancer" providing young women with resources who was currently battling breast cancer. This event raised $2,500.00, by selling candy, chips, food plates and cinnabons. DBF made wigs, provided clothing and food items to the recipients.


By the beginning of 2016, Ms Scott had partnered with nearly 5 different organizations throughout San Fernando Valley Ca, assisting close to 200+ girls with mentoring and introducing personal/professional development etiquette classes.

May 2016,  Asha and her 2 children relocated to Mckinney Texas where they began a new fulfilling, prosperous journey following Gods plan. September 2016 Ms. Scott partnered with North Texas Jobcorps where she introduced her development program for girls and began mentoring the young ladies at NTJC.


Joining the Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Asha began bringing some of the older ladies along with her was mentoring to volunteer at events and business meetings to give them the experience, exposure and social skills needed to perform duties in their everyday lives. Ms Asha Scott became the "2018 Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce Trailblazer of the year" following the "2018 Collin County's Volunteer of the year", Ms. Scott was nominated for the Philanthropy award by "The woman of color Plano Profile magazine on June of 2019".

 With determination and ambition, April 30 2019 Ms. Scott opened "The DBF ALL Girls Youth Center" where she provided services such as: after school programs, personal development summer programs, etiquette classes, self -esteem workshops, confidence building home economics, entrepreneur workshops field trips, lunch provided, hygiene education sister 2 sister mentoring, mental health counseling, homeless advocacy and Our Divas Clothes Kloset.


DBF has mentored over 1500+ young ladies and over 300+ volunteers. DBF has donated cars, provided rental assistance, became mother mentors to girls in need of extra support with grieving and low self esteem. Provided classes and volunteering opportunities to many families. DBF has matured and gain a new passion and service for young ladies in need of structured housing. We are launching HER Homes Transitional Housing. A housing and educational program for young ladies 17-25.Furthermore, DBF will began planning on our DBF Enrichment academy.

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