Our Mentoring Program

Here at DBF, our mentors are certified life coaches that become trusted advisers and role models. They support and encourage their mentees by offering suggestions and knowledge, both general and specific. The goal is to help mentees improve their skills and advance their careers.

DBF's 3 Keys of Therapy: Mentoring

Group Mentoring:

Our group mentoring consists of multiple small group sessions weekly, led by our life coaches & mentors. These groups include substance abuse, problem solving, positive peer culture, emotional management, safe dates, and specialty groups designed for specific treatment needs. All group processes foster emotional growth in a safe and confidential setting for girls to define their goals and specific needs. Creating methods that works for each individual. 


Individual Mentoring 

A good mentor will be able to reflect on their own experiences to determine when the journey was more insightful than the outcome. In these instances, a mentor must play the role of counselor and provide guidance but not answers, enabling their mentee to figure out the right course of action individually. Guiling them along the way.

We are there every step of the way!! Most mentors will know when it is appropriate to play each role. Mentees should be open and honest about what they need and expect from their mentor. At the end of the day, whether the mentor is being a consultant, counselor or cheerleader, transparency and communication are two important aspects of a successful mentor-mentee relationship. This will help develop them as leaders.

Motivational Outings 

Girls are encouraged to learn how to make good boundaries and choices in life as well as learning self-discipline. We believe that through the commitment of our mentors and staff, the structured and loving environment, and most of all belonging to a sisterhood is helping put HOPE WITHIN REACH for our youth! 

Our staff & volunteers are  deeply involved in the mentorship of our girls. Each girl is assigned a mentor to meet with weekly r to discuss needs, goals, and areas of personal growth. The relationships built through this process continue throughout their relationship with DBF beyond their life . Our mentors and life coaches also stay in contact with parents in order to keep them updated and involved with the process. We believe that parental involvement through this process of healing is highly important.

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