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Ms. A'sha Scott

"The foundation of our community is in the education of our YOUTH" - Asha Scott

"I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, speaker, motivator, mentor, educator, creator, business woman I am... A QUEEN."

I owe God everything. Never having a real understanding of who I was as a girl growing into a young woman or what I stood for as a person. I overcame many challenges. As a 10 year old girl, I was exposed to a pain that needed a special type of support. One that was consistent, loving and strong. One of a mother figure but had the whit of a sister. Being able to handle a fragile yet resilient girl dealing with grief, low self esteem and  depression. Losing  my mother who was my best friend and having to reconnect to what then became my new reality. Welp, sometimes we go through things just to get through them... just to tell the story. God told me. I am not done with you and your story is being written. That's when I knew I meant something to somebody and I needed others like me and those coming after me to know that. There's no master plan to failure but theres one to success and it starts with knowing and accepting who you are. Nobody's story is the same, that's why we don't Judge a single soul. I faced rejection and suicide head on only to know, when your gone all you have left are memories, but living and making them are much more fun." I choose to impact and change many lives with my story, changes and growth. With ambition, drive and determination there will be less depression, less suicide, sex trafficking, more support systems in our communities, sustainable transition housing, forgiveness, mentorship, more confident queens! All believing that after every storm there's a clear sky awaiting you.. But during the storm we will stand together and fight together as a sisterhood. I am not ever perfect behind my own poor judgments, out poured many consequences. Ones that became my own textbook to life. Just a reminder for all who don't know,

God is the God of all grace.

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I aspire...

 I aspire to be the best mother to my children and children to come. I pray I am their guide and provide the knowledge they need  to their ultimate direction. I pray God grants me the wisdom when needed to be their answers and not the world. I encourage myself daily that I am enough and I am a warrior fighting battles and winning them!. I do not fear change or challenges.   I learn and teach as I go. I want to see them laugh, cry and learn lessons. I am excited about the success stories and victories to come..


"I set daily goals for myself to follow. Always holding myself accountable for all my actions and mistakes."


"Always making time to focus on mental health, family and self care."

Im becoming..

I aspire to become the 1st African American woman to build a school of charm, character and class. Implementing "The art of living" by building sustainable transitional housing with community structures (Tiny homes, parks, educational centers, businesses etc) Introducing them to home ownership and financial literacy. Requiring a study of home economics and learning the value of  developing and maintaining as a thriving woman. The educational aspect behind a true leader, is that you encourage from within. You motivate a person by highlighting their GREATS and working on their goods and weaknesses.

"My Faith Walk"

By A'sha Scott

These are snippets of my personal biography.

Im dropping March 2021

Follow my journey




Bold Faith 

I was born in Gary Indiana August 20 1986.  A golden day. A time where being black was just the thing to be. I attended Webster Elementary School where I learned the importance of respecting my elders. "We got paddled in school."  We were disciplined.  Not really understanding that at that age, but that was my village. A group of people and associated friends from a larger community equipped to protect and teach. I grew fond of helping others at a young age. I saw my mother take in people days at a time. Picking people up, dropping them off. I had a teacher who took interest in me and told me I was going to be something one day. Maybe it was my loud mouth, maybe my loud personality. Whatever it was it was how she viewed me at 8 years old. 

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Dear Divas,

"Your life matters so much. You are the entry to this world. I pray peace, joy, blessings, success, great-relationships and prosperous endeavors over your lives".  I pray I am a resource, sister, friend, mother to those who need me. I'm routing for you. Everyone of you. Life will have its challenges, and its ups and downs but always hold on to what's yours and let go of what's Gods.. He will guild you and protect you. When things get tough call someone. Just keep in mind, God is in control of every step. Trust in him and I will do my best to help you along the way. You're not fighting alone. Your a: DETERMINED INTELLIGENT VIRTUOUS AMBITIOUS GIRL! and never forget that!


-A'sha Scott Founder of Divas Build Futures Inc. 

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