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Our Programs

Our Programs help girls and young ladies reflect upon and develop the following skills:

Leadership | Teamwork | Communication |
Self-Management | Etiquette | Problem Solving | Confidence

I am a D.I.V.A
Relationship Building Workshop

  • 8 Week Program

  • 2x weekly group meeting 

  • 5 Team building outings

  • I am a Diva certificate

  • 1on1 mentoring

  • Educational & Career mentoring

  • 10 hours of volunteering

  • 12 girls per session

  • DBF Home Economics 101

Educational success and social-emotional development blossoms when girls support each other and support their peers in educational support, relationships are built on strong foundations. Today in young people’s lives it is critical for them to understand how to create and stabilize healthy relationships.

DBFs I am a DIVA relationship workshop will help girls to:

  • Reflect on the things they currently are doing—and can start to do better— Providing resources along the way. Starting with a senior mentor along with peer on peer mentoring. Building strong relationships with other.

  • Consider and discuss the ways that developmental relationships help girls to young women learn to strive to be their best at their career and life goals.


Mentor to Mentee, Peer to Peer

  1. Trust- It all starts with trust. Trust is essential to an effective relationship, an effective team, and an effective career, following with a successful future. 

  2. Communication- Being open and honest with your peer 1 and mentors is always key to long lasting relationships. When you are going through tough times and you need options on how to deal with them, ask for help. Learning who, when and how to trust others.

  3. Respect/ Self-Respect- Even though we may not always agree with one another, we must always respect each others opinions.

What's your vision workshop

3 Week Program

  • Group Meeting 2x weekly (6 meetings)

  • 5 hours of volunteering

  • Vision Board completion certificate 

  • 2 outings

  • 12 girls per session

Vision boards are a modern manifestation tool combining concepts taken from creative hobbies like scrapbooking with motivational mind-mapping techniques. A vision board is a combination  of pictures, phrases, poems and quotes visually represent what individuals would like to experience more in life.

DBFs What's your vision workshop will help girls:

  • Use their vision boards to create successful images of their future.

  • Girls are encouraged to work in teams to develop communication skills doing this session.

  • We will work on their confidence with presenting in front of people.

  • Learning how to have productive conversations with their peers.

All materials will be included in this workshop.

Girls & Goals Motivational Workshop

6 Week Program

  • Personal Mentor

  • 2x weekly group meeting

  • 12 girls per session 

  • Goal Getter completion certificate 

This session is very unique because it allows young ladies to set goals for the future by realistically discussing them and gaining wisdom toward them. 

 We use their DIVA handbook, which is their personal development manual given to them at the beginning of their session. We mentor them on setting goals as a tool to help girls set deadlines and become responsible productive women. Always keeping them aligned with their dreams. The goal setting workshops will help young women set realistic attainable goals.

DBFs Girls and goals workshop will help girls:

  • Develop core skills sets through activities that are based on careers in the working world.

  • Girls are placed in groups of 3 and provided with different job roles and problems that need to be solved within the job role.

  • Will include guidance from professional companies and people who are experienced in the specific career areas.

  • Individuals working worldwide to provide young women with more insight into our working society.

All materials will be included with this workshop

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