2 Million 2 CHANGE!!


Hello fellow and future Divas Build Futures Inc supporters!! DBF is preparing to embark on a new level of changing the lives of young girls growing into women. We have made our mark as a very resourceful and successful organization, by aiding young women with the proper essentials from hygiene mentoring to career channeling.We have been so blessed with the turn out, that we are growing into a charm academy for girls to young women.

DBF would like to share our journey with you and even ask that you join us as we soar our way to raising 2 million dollars!!

DBF All Girls Enrichment Academy

Ann Brown Housing Apartments

Coming Soon 1st campus 

North Dallas Texas 


We are looking to purchase 10.35 acres of land in Collin County  to build our academy and apartment homes. This will be a community resource and a girls soon to be dream academy. We have created a place where young girls growing into women will have not only have the opportunity to gain certifications in trade programs but the ultimate guild on becoming thriving, prosperous and successful women. Educating them to have respectful relationships, learning how to forgive and heal. Creating the platform for them to grow together as a sisterhood. 

Girls deserve the chance to be whatever they want, no matter where they are from or what they have been through.We will provide the opportunity to grow from a place where mental health will be acknowledged. Practicing positive habits to aid them to the next level in their lives.

 Judgement is a curse and will not be tolerated at our academy.

We will practice the art of home economics, which is the key to a woman's life and foundation. Learning how to cook, clean, change a tire, mastering real estate and purchasing homes.  Understanding the value of life, health and auto insurance. Most importantly, building futures that are stable & promising...

"The Ann Brown 


Housing "

"DBF All Girls Enrichment Academy"

"Its by Gods grace, all things to christ Jesus.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper"

The "2 million 2 change" campaign is to support the building fund of the

"DBF All Girls Enrichment Academy"

DBF All Girls Youth Center was birthed February 2019, in Plano Texas. 2520 K ave Plano 75070. We were privileged to help over 200+ young ladies in the community with resources, clothing, hygiene products, mentoring, dance classes and more. We partnered with North Texas Jobcorps in the remodeling of the center and also in assisting them with trade hours to complete their program. We thank North Texas Jobcorps tremendously for their students and staff for walking along side this journey with DBF! They were amazing and the glue we needed to pull our vision to life.  

We serve girls from all walks of life and different backgrounds with our "D.I.V.A Mentoring Program". DIVA meaning to be a DETERMINED INTELLIGENT VIRTUOUS AMBITIOUS young girls to young woman. Breaking down areas of low self-esteem , confidence and depression and rebuilding them on charm, class and character.  

Our mentors take pride in volunteering their professionalism and life skills to walk our girls through life's experience and aiding them on the many levels of a growing girl..

DBF All Girls Youth Center

A True fairytale.....

Special Thanks to all the Gold Sponsors who made this all possible!

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To be a part of an amazing mission and contribute to a life changing experience, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! All Inquiries must be made by submitting a volunteer application. *Please note background checks will be required in order to provide the most safest environment possible.

Thank you! -DBF



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Campus Address: Coming Soon 

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101-C North Greenville Ave 

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