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Our Program 

D.I.V.A.s Build Futures Inc has transformed our organization  into an academy of charm and transition.​ What does that mean? It means  Growing its empire of thriving women making a change in our world. We are blessed to have come so far and have helped so many girls with resources, mentoring, scholarships, volunteering, parenting assistance, housing grants, homeless assistants, mentoring bootcamps and more. Our DIVAs are nurtured by professional lifecoaches, women who can personally and physically relate to them on their current needs and emotions, past hurt or failures, and successful fulfilling futures. We believe in working with all aspects of mental health by providing professional confidential counseling as needed for the young ladies to prosper.  

We are Mentors

More than some who gives advice, But someone who follows up behind it. A support system. A guild. A big sister. A mother. A friend. 

A girls journey in life has many challenging components. Some in which she has to learn how to love herself from within and accept who she is as a person. We believe there's no judgement in helping someone grow.

"Finding love in all the wrong places becomes comfort when she is not taught to love God 1st." -Ms. Asha Scott

Divas Build Futures Inc.

Our Board

Cynthia Ferguson

Board President

Katrina Harvey

Board Secretary

Latese Williams

Board Treasurer

Michelle Cordova

Board Community Liaison 

Whats our structure to success?

  • Home Economics

    Home economics is very important and is a mandatory course in order to complete the program.  It is in our best interest to teach the importance of life skills early and began preparing our girls for womanhood. It has been beneficial throughout history because it  gave women the opportunity to pursue higher education and vocational training in a world where only men were able to learn in such environments. In modern times, home economics teaches girls from all walks of life   important life skills, such as cooking, sewing, wood shop and finances.

  • Lifestyle & Transition

    The Ann Brown Housing Project is a housing program designed to transition girls from temporary situations to permanent outcomes. A program of DBF All Girls Enrichment Academy. It serves as a critical service for older teens and young adults both single and mothers. It primarily serves young women who are homeless, 2nd chance opportunities, minorities ages 17 to 24, with the opportunity to become financially and emotionally independent and transition successfully into adulthood.

  • Womens History

    Recognizing the achievements of women in all facets of life – science, community, government, literature, art, sports, medicine – has a huge impact on the development of self-respect and new opportunities for girls and young women today.

  • Our Focus Trades

    • Culinary

    • Medical Assistant 

    • Dental Assistant

    • Automotive

    • Cosmetology

    • Real Estate

  • G.E.D/Diploma Prep Program

    We work with our young ladies who are having trouble or has had trouble with obtaining their GED or diploma. We provide tutoring and extra mentoring support to aid them through their testing. 


Divas 10-13

"Aspiring Butterflys"

  • Confidence + Character

  • Manners

  • Etiquette

  • Respect

  • Girl talk

  • School talk

  • Education

  • Mentoring

  • Hygeine 

The D.I.V.A Color Code


"The Start"

Always accepting self. Forgiving ourselves and those who have hurt us. Everyone has a past, but you can't  live in unwanted mental places. Here at DBF, we've created exercises and activities to help our girls cope with grief, depression, past failures, mistakes, with no judgement. Allowing them the space needed to properly heal and grow.


"The Progression"

Cheer when your almost there!

Every step towards the betterment of your life deserves recognition. Always finding balance in your emotions by identifying inner peace . It is okay to cry but not all day. It is okay to fall but get back up. It's okay to fail but learn and keep going. This is where your story begins. Make every chapter worth reading. 

Royal Purple 

"The Transformation"

Exhale its time to celebrate! There are 4 stages of the butterfly.

The egg- The seed that has been planted

The caterpillar- The watering period.

The chrysalis- The moving period.

The butterfly- The results

We graduate our girls to the next level of divahood by honoring them with a pearl & flower ceremony, once they've completed their 11 week D.I.V.A course.

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Our Alma Mata

I am here to try, thrive, and conquer. I am here to improve and change in order to become the best me. I am here to listen and be open minded.  I am here to forgive and be understanding. I am here to grow and exemplify a heart of service. I am a sister, friend and lady of courage. I am here to become a Diva. D is for Determined. I is for Intelligent V is for Virtuous A is for Ambitious. A Diva woman indeed.

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We've brought our platform and have serviced many girls in organizations and programs such as:

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To be a part of an amazing mission and contribute to a life changing experience, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! All Inquiries must be made by submitting a volunteer application. *Please note background checks will be required in order to provide the most safest environment possible.

Thank you! -DBF


Phone Business Hours:

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Friday- Phone Appts Only

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